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China's Espionage: Operations and Tactics, National Security Espionage

In early 2024, I delivered this short course to the U.S. Army War College, Foreign Area Officer training program. I have since then decided to make it available to select counterintelligence, security, and insider threat specialists. The course specifically addresses China’s espionage operations and tactics against foreign national security targets. It is approximately one hour and 15 minutes hours long. The course draws off analysis from nearly 160 cases of Chinese national security espionage. Course notes are provided. Learning Objectives: - Describe the espionage tradecraft China uses to collect foreign intelligence services. - Identify China's intelligence collection objectives against national security targets. - Explain how China develops and tasks Intelligence Collection Requirements. - Identify the steps in China's Intelligence Cycle. - Describe the tactics used to conduct covert influence operations. This course is a prelude to our other online courses. Our premier online course on Chinese intelligence operations is self paced and provides 12 hours of instruction with extensive course notes. Based on 800 cases of Chinese espionage, economic espionage, illegal exports, and covert influence; it is as detailed and extensive as any classified product. Other courses address in greater detail different aspects of China's internal security, Unrestricted Warfare, intelligence operations, etc. Please enjoy this course. Suggestions are always welcome.


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