"Helping individuals counter insider threats and prevent commercial espionage "

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Why Shinobi?

Shinobi offers confidential services with a very narrow focus.  We have more specific expertise on China's commercial espionage techniques and negotiation tactics than anyone outside the US government.  It is not bragging, it is just fact.

There are many experts that can provide general information on Insider Threats and best practices to secure your business.  Shinobi has only one focus - the industrial and economic espionage threats from China.  China's recruitment incentives, communications techniques, information objectives,  technology acquisition, and negotiating tactics are unique.  

Shinobi has over 30 years working specifically on China's espionage activities captured in the most extensive database in the world on the subject. 

Clients include several fortune 50 companies, research institutes, the US Dept of Defense, and Intelligence Community.

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Training for executives and security personnel is one of our most popular services available. It’s made a big difference for our fortune 50 customers. Our training courses are not general "Insider Threat" briefings but are tailored to specific industries drawing from 30 years of experience on China and data from over 600 Chinese commercial espionage cases.  With Shinobi Enterprises, you can trust that your support is confidential and that you are in great hands.


Shinobi Enterprises provides specialized consulting services to safely conduct business in China while combating Insider Threats.  Areas of expertise include China's commercial espionage indicators and tactics, culture and behavior, and business negotiating tactics.


Shinobi publishes a series on Chinese Espionage.  We can also produce reports and background papers specific to your organization on China's espionage techniques and best practices for preventing Insider Threats. These reports can be tailored for executives, security personnel, and staff.  A database of over 600 Chinese espionage cases provides the most accurate and timely information to protect your business.



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