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Detect. Counter. Prevent

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Microphone in Beijing hotel of U.S. aerospace executive.

Shinobi offers confidential services with a very narrow focus. We have specific and in-depth expertise on China's national security and commercial espionage operations and tactics. It's not bragging, it is just fact. There are many experts that can provide general information on Insider threats and best practices to secure your business.


Shinobi has only one focus: China’s national security, industrial, and economic espionage operations and tactics.


China’s recruitment incentives, covert communications techniques, information objectives, technology acquisition strategies, covert influence practices, and negotiating tactics are all unique. Shinobi has over 30 years working specifically on these topics.  This knowledge is captured in the most extensive database and training program in the world.


Clients include several Fortune 50 companies, research institutes, the US Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and foreign governments.

Custom Training

We Offer online and on-site training. Our training can be tailored to address threats to specific industries drawing on 30 years of experience and data from over 700  Chinese national security and commercial espionage cases.  Our online course Chinese Intelligence: Operations and Tactics are the first of its kind (and the first and only one online) with nearly 12 hours of instruction based on detailed information and analysis. 


Shinobi provides specialized consulting services on Chinese negotiating tactics and insider threats to help you safely conduct business with or even in China.


Shinobi delivers reports and background papers specific to your organization on China's Espionage practices and the best practices for preventing Insider threats.  We provide pre-business screening of Chinese companies and board members. More than one company has remarked how this service changed the course of their business plans.


China's military advances through technology theft.