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Wind Turbines on Water

A Chinese company stole turbine controller software from its US business partner.  The US company went bankrupt.  

Shinobi offers two broad service categories: Custom Training and Consulting.  Both services are customized for your specific industry and organization.  To create these custom products Shinobi maintains a database of over 700 Chinese commercial espionage operations which includes hundreds of organizations, collection requirements, technology priorities, and operational tradecraft. 

Custom Training


1. Employee awareness briefing

This is a 60 minute presentation to employees in your industry to counter China’s commercial espionage threat.  The briefing sensitizes staff to the magnitude of the threat based on case studies, identifying collection tactics, targeted technologies and trade secrets, and overall case statistics.  This program is successful at businesses and universities because hundreds of cases support the analysis. This briefings is also available online at a reduced rate. Discounts for universities. 

2.  China Travel Security Briefing

This one hour briefing is designed to protect company officials traveling to the PRC.  It provides detailed information on the technical and human collection techniques used against foreigners in China.  (In person or online)

3. Training workshop for insider threat/cybersecurity staff.

This one-day workshop (plus or minus) is tailored to your industry and circumstances. It is designed to give people the tools they need -- including threat indicators, collection priorities, tradecraft, etc. -- to counter the insider threat posed (specifically) by China.  A component of this training is awareness of China’s intelligence and national security regulations, as well as cultural and business environment (Guanxi, face, confucian characteristics, collectivism, reciprocity, etc.)

*Bespoke training for insider threat staff on specific industry threats may be available on site and online (at a reduced rate).

4. Online Training

This online course is truly ground breaking.  Shinobi offers the world's first online course on Chinese Intelligence Operations and Tactics.  This 12 hour course is as detailed as any classified training program.

Business in China. China's economy. Business relations with PRC. Collage with a businessma

"Trust but Verify" in your business practices with China.   Let us help you protect your company, its research, and investments.

Sunset on Solar Panels

The Chinese military stole US solar panel technology. The PRC then subsidized a company to manufacture and flood the US market. 


Shaping Insider Threat programs and providing information to change the risk management calculus.  Consulting includes helping you design, develop, or refine your Insider Threat program and analytical support to internal activities.  

C-Suite discussions.  Insider Threat teams have trouble convincing senior leadership of threats, so it is necessary to bring data and analysis into the discussions.  This is an issue of subject matter expertise, data, and bespoke analysis. C-Suite discussions and reports include industry specific examples of insider threat, quantifying loss of research investment and market share. 


  • A client once said to us "I believe in Trust but Verify.  You are my verify."   Shinobi conducts reviews of Chinese companies and provides risk assessments prior to your business engagements. 

  • Other reports upon client request.

Programs are customized for clients. Prices are quite reasonable and negotiable based on client needs. 

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