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Chinese Intelligence: Operations and Tactics
Online Course

Shinobi Introduction

Shinobi Introduction

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Shinobi Enterprises is proud to present the world's first online course on Chinese Intelligence Operations. This 12 hour online self-paced course is as insightful as any classified product because it draws from  a detailed database containing more than 700 worldwide cases of Chinese espionage.  It provides an in-depth analysis of China's worldwide human intelligence activities and tradecraft to conduct espionage, economic espionage, illegal exports, and covert influence operations.  This training is specifically designed for insider threat specialists, security personnel, counterintelligence officers, and others who have a desire to increase their knowledge of this worldwide threat.  This knowledge is essential to protect private companies, universities, research institutes and national security interests.   Class notes are provided with each lesson. 

Who should attend? Insider threat specialists, security personnel, counterintelligence officers, and others who have a desire to increase their knowledge of this worldwide threat. 

Course Facts:

1. Course is approximately 12 hours long

2. Course is self-paced

3. Cost is $247. USD, Discounts are available for group purchases

4. Students have 90 days to complete once started

5. Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion


Short Syllabus



Introduction (20 min)        


This section provides a course overview and introduces the student to Chinese Intelligence: Operations and Tactics.   China’s espionage activities are changing the global balance of power, impacting the U.S. and foreign economies, and providing challenges to domestic, national security, and foreign policy formulation.   Throughout recorded history, nations have employed the use of spies to support foreign policy goals and military operations. However, intelligence and related activities are normally relegated to the shadows and rarely subject to public review. While often employed to support foreign policy, such clandestine activities rarely become the subject of foreign policy. 


1.   China’s Vision, Strategy, and the Role of Espionage (1 hr 20 min) 


Learning Objectives: 

    -     Explain China's Grand Strategy. 

     -    Demonstrate how China uses global initiatives to support its grand strategy. 

    -     Identify how China uses espionage to support its Grand Strategy.

2.   Chinese Culture, Society, and Individual Motivations for Espionage (1 hr.) 


Learning Objectives: 

     -    Demonstrate how China’s current society views commercial espionage against 

         foreign companies. 

     -    Understand the Chinese Communist Party’s global objectives and the role of 

         advanced foreign technology. 

     -    Identify the full range of personal motivations for conducting espionage. 

     -    Demonstrate how China’s National Security laws engage citizens and companies. 


3.   China’s Strategic Collection Objectives (25 min) 


Learning Objectives: 

     -   Show the relationship between China’s national economic and S&T plans and theft 

         of foreign technology. 

     -    Identify the key technologies in the CCP’s national development plans. 

     -   Correlate key technologies to commercial espionage and export control cases. 


4.   PRC Organizations Engaged in Espionage (1 hr 24 min) 

     Learning Objectives: 

          -    Identify the roles and missions of each PRC entity involved with espionage. 

          -    Identify the primary collection capabilities and targets of each PRC organization. 


 5.   China’s Commercial Espionage Tactics (2 hrs 12min) 


     Learning Objectives: 

          -    Describe the insider threat tradecraft used against the commercial industries. 

          -    Describe the tradecraft used to steal technology through illegal exports. 

          -    Compare and contrast the tactics used in economic espionage, theft of research and

               theft of technology through illegal exports. 

          -    Identify specific espionage characteristics for Insider Threat identification.


  6.   China’s Espionage and Tactics National Security Component (2 hrs.) 


     Learning Objectives: 

          -    Describe the espionage tactics employed to collect national security intelligence. 

          -    Describe the tactics used to conduct covert influence operations. 


  7.   Chinese Disinformation and Covert Influence Operations in the West. (2 hrs17 min)


        Learning Objectives

           -    Identify the targets of China’s covert influence operations.

           -    Identify the roles and mission of the United Front Work Department.

           -    Describe the tactics employed to recruit and handle agents of influence against

                Chinese diaspora and political leadership.

           -    Describe the tactics used to conduct covert influence operations. 


  8. Impact of Espionage and Course Summary (25 min) 


    Learning Objectives

           -    Describe the specific impacts of China’s espionage and covert operations.


The course is only $247.00,  a very inexpensive price for this kind of specialized training.

For more information check out the full course syllabus



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