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Chinese Intelligence: Operations and Tactics

  • 90Days
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This online course is the first and most detailed instructional program ever developed on China's intelligence operations and tradecraft. It is more detailed than any other course (even classified ones) on the subject. This course presents a critical analysis of China's current intelligence activities and associated espionage tradecraft. It reviews over 700 worldwide cases of Chinese espionage, economic espionage, covert action, theft of technology and trade secrets. These cases are updated weekly. The course identifies and analyzes the specific espionage tradecraft used by China's intelligence services, State Owned Enterprises, universities, private companies, and individuals. The course will benefit Insider Threat specialists, Intelligence Officers, security professionals, attorneys, policy makers, journalists, and scholars. Tips for your course 1. The course is active for 60 days after start date 2. Google Chrome seems to work best for this software (Although all other browsers can be used) 3. Class notes are provided for you. Please use them and add as appropriate. 4. Please fully complete each lesson. If not, the system will not track your progress.


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