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Chinese Espionage: Operations and Tactics


People often ask when I will update my book Chinese Intelligence Operations. Instead, I'm publishing a series of monographs on the topic. Each (5k - 10k words) monograph will focus on specific aspects of China's espionage. 

This first monograph Chinese Espionage: Operations and Tactics is the most detailed work ever published in the unclassified world on China's intelligence tradecraft.  It includes analyses of 595 cases of espionage, economic espionage, covert action, theft of technology, and trade secrets.  The study identifies and analyzes the specific espionage tradecraft used by China's intelligence services, state-owned enterprises, private companies, and individuals.


Chinese Espionage:
Operations Against Taiwan


This report will present findings from the analysis of sixty four national security-related espionage and covert influence cases conducted by the PRC against the Taiwan. The work highlights PRC espionage recruitment tactics, tradecraft and organizations.

Available soon

Chinese Espionage: Tactics Against the Aerospace Industry

Chinese Series Aerospace

This report presents findings from an analysis of 121 cases of economic espionage, theft of trade secrets, research, and export violations against the aerospace industry.  The work highlights PRC espionage tradecraft, organizations, and collection objectives.

Available soon

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