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R. Breeden

This in-depth course provided an overall picture of Chinese intelligence organizations, strategies, and exploits through the presentation of key operational tactics derived from (a vast and growing database) numerous case studies. I found the course to be highly informative and of great benefit to anyone in the intelligence, counterintelligence, security, and risk management fields. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Ben Beard, Mithril Security Pty Ltd

Fantastic course that I thoroughly recommend to anyone involved in government, defence, defence industry or academia security. Better and more detailed information than anything I received on China in over 15 years with a TS/SCI clearance. (To be fair, never watched 12 hours of lectures on the topic before either.) Completion of this program brings clarity to the threat of CCP directed espionage and interference, and enables security people to implement effective measures. Thanks Nick, I really enjoyed it! 

Prof John M. Nomikos
Director, Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS)
Chairman, European Intelligence Academy (EIA), Athens, Greece.

The online course “Chinese Intelligence: Operations and Tactics” is a fascinating experience!  Nicholas Eftimiades provides knowledge about  the Chinese Intelligence structure, culture, history and political-economic development into 21st century. It is a Must for anyone interested in Chinese Intelligence Structure!

Matt C. Program Manager (former FSO)

Very informative course on Chinese operations (and tactics) when it comes to espionage.  There is no doubt that Nick is a subject matter expert on the topic.  I had some knowledge on the topic but nowhere near the detail when it comes to the CCP’s organization, including the UFWD. Why and how targets are selected was eye opening.  I’ve already recommended the course to another co-worker and plan to recommend to former colleagues from my days as FSO.


Joshua W.

Nick's Course on CCP espionage was fantastic. I came into the course thinking I knew a good amount about the CCP's espionage tactics, and quickly realized I had a lot to learn. Over the course of the 12 hour instruction, I learned a lot about the CCP organizations involved, the "whole of society approach," collection targets, and how the CCP collects information and works to influence others to do the CCP's bidding. As someone working in government who is interested in this subject, I highly recommend this course.

​Elsine Van Os
CEO Signpost Six, Insider Risk Management

I'm proud to have completed Nicholas Eftimiades' Chinese Intelligence: Operations and Tactics online training course. I'm grateful Nick took the time and effort to share all his experiences and wisdom in this course. It's a mind-boggling amount of information and therefore a must for anyone in intelligencesecurityChina interests, and of course insiderthreat/insiderrisk


Eric N.  US Department of Defense

​Without a doubt the best, most informative course on Chinese espionage, influence and information operations I have ever taken. Everything is logically presented from "why" the CCP collects the information to the organizations involved and the methodologies used. This course is a must for intelligence professionals, organizations and even companies that are at risk from China's espionage activities.


G.P., CI & Investigations for a large defense contractor

Nick’s knowledge on the topic was incredibly in depth and unlike any I have taken on the topic. The detail into which he elaborates how the history and culture of the country contributes to the current strategies of its intelligence collection really provides valuable context. When you understand the “why” you can then look at their operations through a different lens. Nick was also extremely thorough in detailing the multitude of “agencies” and avenues for intelligence collection that China has at its disposal. Extremely valuable instruction for any CI professional; if your nation’s or organization’s security is your responsibility, you need this course.

Andrew A. Program Manager, Supply Chain Security

The training by Shinobi Enterprises was very well done, focusing on China's intelligence operations, tradecraft, Chinese espionage, economic espionage, covert action, theft of technology and trade secrets, among many other related topics within all training eight modules. The training was professionally presented, using real world examples, cases and an overall instructional program that I found very beneficial!

Craig Klootwyk, Program Analyst, Supply Chain Security 

Shinobi Enterprises provided excellent training on the threats and rationale of Chinese culture. Nick has a wealth of knowledge and experience on the subject and I will be able to use this information going forward in my role. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking an in-depth understanding of cultural and professional actions that could create security threats to the US.  

Norm Arendt, PhD  Arendt Safety Consulting 

I recently took the course on Chinese Intelligence presented by Shinobi Enterprises and highly recommend the course for those in both the security and the intelligence communities. It covered where we are today with dealing with Chinese intelligence and where we are possibly headed. A very well prepared course that is relevant to today's intelligence demands.

Melissa Saunders, Director, Intelligence & Defense Programs, Intellibridge

This is a very thorough and interesting overview of China's extensive intelligence activities. Professor Eftimiades draws on his decades of research, experience, and expertise to deliver professionally developed, in-depth course modules that inform participants about all aspects of China's espionage machine -- and its inherent potential threat to U.S. national security. Professor Eftimiades' personable presentation style and fascinating stories and materials make for an engaging course on a topic critical to any professional serving U.S. national security interests. Public & private sector professionals, academics, and students will all benefit from this open-source intelligence-informed course, unparalleled in the unclassified environment.

A Senior Advisor to Cybersecurity and Intelligence for the Federal Government

As usual, Nick gets really deep into the subject with great case studies, illustrations, and superb explanations! I am really looking forward to taking future course work from Nick!



This course was really great and one of a kind. I would recommend this course to any (cyber) security professional, law enforcement official, and insider threats specialist. Thank you Nicholas Eftimiades!

Dave Snell. Independent Security Advisor/Consultant.

The course was thoroughly researched and expertly presented. Nicholas is an expert with first hand experience with the subject matter. He presents a VERY tough subject with a finesse needed for it. I HIGHLY recommend anyone who is interested in the current status of PRC/CCP efforts against the West and the US in particular take the course as quickly as they can.

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