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Guochun He and Zheng Wang

Category: Covert Action

Date: 2019 - 2022

The defendants, Guochun He (a.k.a “Dong He,” a.k.a “Jacky He”) and Zheng Wang (a.k.a “Zen Wang,”) PRC intelligence officers, attempted to obstruct a federal investigation against a PRC-backed company (Huawei) by stealing confidential case information. They attempted to bribe an individual was actually a Controlled Agent working on behalf of the FBI. Guochun HE also engaged in money laundering efforts based upon bribe payments totaling approximately $61,000 in Bitcoin. 

In 2019, the defendants, both PRC intelligence officers, directed the controlled agent to steal information regarding the criminal case against Huawei. In September 2021, Wang and He tasked that person with reporting on any meetings with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York and were especially interested in any information concerning which employees from Huawei had been interviewed, as well as a description of the prosecutors’ evidence, witness list, and trial strategy.

In October 2021, the FBI asset sent the defendants an internal strategy memorandum regarding the case and received approximately $41,000 in Bitcoin from Guochun He. Guochun He stated that the company will be interested in more information on the strategy memorandum. He also stated his refusal to allow Huawei to speak directly to the asset on account of it being “too dangerous.” In October 2022, Guochun He sent an additional Bitcoin payment of approximately $20,000 to the FBI controlled asset stating his “organization already decided to give a good reward to you.”

The defendants are currently in China and wanted by the FBI. Guochun He and Zheng Wang face up to 60 years and 40 years imprisonment, respectively, if convicted. 


  1. Use of public phones for communication.

  2. Use of text messages for communication (NFI)

  3. Wire transfer of Bitcoin to FBI Controlled Asset.

  4. In person meetings between Asset and both intelligence officers.

    1. Payments of $9k in cash and jewelry.

  5. Controlled Asset used encrypted messaging program to send a photo (Unknown if this was by MSS direction)

  6. Mr. HE initially told the Asset that the information was for his “personal study.” Later, HE and WANG told asset they were meeting with high level Huawei officials who had great interest.

    1. One of the most profound aspects of this case is that PRC Intelligence Officers were working in their official capacity to assist a Chinese company and derail a US criminal investigation against Huawei. This act is clear evidence that the PRC's intelligence services will break foreign laws to advance the country's commercial interests.

  7. No evidence of the MSS officers validated the controlled asset or the information.

  8. NOTE It appears the Controlled Asset was not ethnic Chinese. The Asset noted he/she would have difficulty remembering witness names as they were in Chinese.

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