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Korbein R. Schultz, US Army, (2022 – 2024)

Updated: Apr 2

Little is publicly known about the alleged espionage activities of Sergeant Korbein R. Schultz.  Schultz is 24 years old.  He is married and also has an ex-wife. He has two children under the age of five.


It appears Schultz was recruited online in June 2022.  The Handler told Schultz that he/she lived in Hong Kong and worked for a geopolitical consulting firm.  The Handler instructed Schultz to get a new phone and to set up a new account with a foreign encrypted electronic messaging application so that Schultz could send files securely.  Schultz wrote that he would like to turn their relationship into a long-term partnership.  He also stated that he wanted to be like Jason Bourne.


Schultz and a handler discussed hiding their illegal activities by, among other things, falsely describing their online financial transactions as related to "car customization."  The Handler tasked SCHULTZ with acquiring more sensitive military information, including information on hypersonic equipment, studies on future development of U.S. military forces, studies on major countries such as the People's Republic of China, and summaries of military drills/operations, and screenshots related to ICBMs. 


The two conspirators discussed the recruitment of a third party - another US Army soldier.  The Handler asked Schultz if he would be available for a phone call to discuss "work for the next year." The Handler sent Schultz 14 payments totaling approximately $42,000. No information is available on how the money was sent.


There are two notable aspects of this case:


1.      A bank foreclosed on Schultz’s home in September 2023 indicating financial problems.

2.      The Handler told Schultz that when he/she was in "the Service" he/she had access to an intranet and encouraged Schultz to pull documents from that system.




  • Available evidence indicates Schultz was recruited online. 

  • The Handler was in Hong Kong/China and used multiple internet-based encrypted methods to communicate.  

  • The Handler tasked Sergeant Schultz with collection priorities.  

  • The Handler instructed Schultz to destroy evidence regarding their relationship and activities.

  • Schultz downloaded information from computer systems and took photos of computer screens.

  • The Handler suggested having a phone conversation with Schultz.

  • Schultz transmitted sensitive U.S. military information including export controlled technical data and tactical information contained in manuals and other documents.

Information Schultz allegedly passed to Chinese Intelligence


Documents, photos, writings, plans, notes, and information relating to the national defense of the United States, non-public U.S. military information, including national defense information.


  • F-22A fighter aircraft

  • HH-60\V helicopter

  • HH-60W helicopter

  • Intercontinental ballistic missiles

  • U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft

  • Security of U.S. military command posts.

  • U.S. Navy exercises in the Philippine Sea and China's observations on these exercises.

  • ·China's military preparedness

  • Modifications of the B-52 aircraft, as well as countering unmanned aircraft systems.

  • Interference with airborne radar.

  • INDOP ACOM Lessons Learned.

  • THAAD aerial missile defense system,

  • Six military satellites

  • Status of U.S. Forces in the Republic of Korea.

  • China's People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force

  • Chinese military tactics.

  • Short-range air defense systems

  • U.S. Marine Corps exercise.

  • Small, unmanned aircraft systems in large scale combat operations.

  • HIMARS artillery weapon system, performance data and applications in warfare.

  • A draft document on the lessons that could be learned from Russia's war with Ukraine, and with those lessons, what the United States could and should do to help defend Taiwan from an attack.


By Nicholas and Marguerite Eftimiades


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